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Margaret M. Clausen, Psy.D.

Welcome to my practice website. I offer psychotherapy, consciousness healing practices, and

end-of-life doula services

Explore my website, and get in touch to see if we may be a good fit.

Healing is
a life-long journey tending
to mind, body, & spirit

Psychotherapy with individual adults and couples is my practice as a licensed clinical psychologist. I work with people who fall within my areas of focus. Psychotherapy sessions are usually 50-55 minutes in length for individuals, and minimally 75 minutes for couples. Longer sessions or meeting more than once per week are also possibilities if clinically useful, something we discuss. I provide statements to you for insurance reimbursement.

Outside of psychotherapy, I also provide end-of-life doula services. These services are distinct from psychotherapy and are not a substitute for psychotherapy.


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Contact me at (510) 851-9765


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2414 Ashby Avenue

Berkeley, CA 94705

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