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End-of-Life Doula Services

An end-of-life doula assists both a person living with a terminal condition, or actively dying, as well as their loved ones in navigating the dying process and grief.

I am a member of the National End-of-Life Doula Alliance.

End of Life Doula Services

End of Life Doula Services

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My work as an end-of-life doula is to provide a calm, non-judgmental, and knowledgable presence to people dying and their loved ones. There are some links to articles about end-of-life doulas at the end of this page, in case you want to read more about end-of-life doulas in general, and I encourage you to contact me. Sometimes the person living with a terminal condition or in a dying process initiates contact, sometimes it is a loved one. 

Services may include:

  • Helping to support the dying person, from sitting vigil, to gentle touch, energy healing, hypnosis for pain management, to helping to document your legacy (stories, wisdom to pass on, and so forth), meditating with you and your loved ones

  • Assisting loved ones in understanding the dying process and providing emotional support

  • Supporting the dying person and their loved ones in the grief process and celebration of life process

  • Facilitating a supportive circle of discussion (healing circle) and emotion-processing for loved ones and/or the dying person

  • Other services needed that are of help, i.e., creating rituals, spiritual support, and more.

  • Together we decide upon services I provide for you and your loved ones, and these are spelled out in writing as well.

Services do not include:

  • Medical advice or treatment

  • Personal care, household care, transfers from bed to chair and other physical assistance

I have over 20 years of experience with end-of-life care, both professionally and personally. I have been trained at the Zen Hospice Project, and also am a licensed Clinical Psychologist. I have worked in various hospices as a volunteer or paid employee over these decades as well as in my private practice.

Generally, the fee for these services is per hour and we negotiate the fee on a sliding scale. My fee scale begins at $175 per hour, and goes up from there based on your resources, the services that are requested, and the location where they are provided.


I may see people at home, in the hospital or another facility. Sometimes, if someone is early in their process they may want to come to my office -- or loved ones may want to see me there. We discuss where you want me to be, and after an initial 30-minute in-person assessment listening to what you (or your loved ones also) are looking for, we collaborate to make a plan. That assessment is based on my hourly rate and prorated. Sometimes we may determine that just one visit is useful; sometimes it is several or many visits over a course of days, weeks, or more.  Please contact me for more information.

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