My Approach

Collaborative. Warmly intelligent. Seasoned. Interested in you.

Psychotherapy is a process. While I work from weeks to years with clients, I work toward lasting growth in any case. I'm interested in your unique experiences, strengths, challenges.

The modalities I use in psychotherapy all have in common that we are products of our history, biology, identifications, present circumstances, and the wider social environment. Mindfulness, psychodyanmic-psychoanalytic, cognitive, behavioral, and somatic psychotherapies are among the perspectives I use to greater or lesser extent depending upon your needs and goals. We work together to use what is most helpful, and frequently what is most helpful evolves over time. Commonly, the psychotherapy relationship itself is the greatest vehicle to support transformation, and I pay attention to our interactions to deeply understand ways you relate to yourself, others, and the world. 


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