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Intuitive Services

Intuitive Services

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Intuitive Services

The intuitive services I offer are Intuitive Healing Sessions and Energy Healing Sessions. I also mentor people in developing their intuitive healing capacities so that you do not have to pay an external expert to live in healing relationship to themselves in an ongoing way.

See the FAQ page for more information on the parameters of my work. 

Intuitive Healing Sessions

Sometimes we're practicing everything we know that is good for us, or we have consulted all kinds of healers and experts, and what ails us is still a challenge. Sometimes we are living with an existential crisis or difficulty - whether physically-based, emotionally, or spiritually. Sometimes we are seeking healing in any way possible. Sometimes we have an inkling of what may be helpful, but we're unsure to trust it.

These and other reasons are why people seek me out for intuitive healing sessions. The video above gives you a short introduction as to how these work. 

We do play a role, and frequently a significant one, in our healing. Often, though, even when we know this, we may feel so depleted, alone, and overwhelmed we cannot access our wisdom and energy within that can help us find the way. 

There is a place we need to be connected with inside of ourselves to reach that innate wisdom, and I help people do just that. 

Int Healing

In this session, I enter a deep meditative state and intuitively read your physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. I usually engage in some kind of energy or spiritual healing work for you as well. From Spirit, I also ask for recommendations that would be useful to you in your healing at this time. Sometimes these recommendations come in forms of foods to eat, meditative and other practices, journaling, connecting with ancestors, and more. I write my findings up and we discuss them together, where more recommendations may emerge as well. It is possible to do a session in person, and I also do these sessions simply after we meet briefly in person or online, and go into the deep meditative state alone, apart from you. 

Energy Healing
Energy Healing

Reiki, sound healing, and soul healing are the modalities I use for energy healing. While energy healing can transcend location, and therefore I can do long-distance healing, some people prefer to come to me in person for an energy healing session. Energy healing sessions may be 30 to 90 minutes.

It is important to note that energy healing does NOT involve touching your body, but when done in person it is positioning hands usually near your body. You are fully clothed, and you either sit on a couch or lie down on a bodywork table. 

People come to me for energy healing for the same range of concerns that they may want an intuitive healing session. The difference with an Energy Healing session is that I am not intentionally reading all the layers of you, or intentionally calling in recommendations, therefore I do not write up results. These things sometimes spontaneously happen in an energy session, and if they do occur, I will share them with you. 


Though I continue my work part-time as a psychotherapist, I have a separate practice as a mentor for people seeking something different: developing their abilities for self-healing, deepening -- or simply beginning -- a relationship integrating their mind, body, and spirit, and learning to maximize their intuitive capabilities. 

Read more what I mean by healing here and continue reading below for more details of what mentoring with me looks like. 

Practices that I mentor people with are well-known throughout the world to support the maximization of our healing capacities and expansion of consciousness. 

If you're familiar at all with expansion of consciousness, or consciousness studies in general, you know that these things are also closely related to quantum physics. You also know that the kind of abilities I am talking about are in every cultural sphere of the world throughout time. What expansion of conscious includes are meditation, use of sensory tools to enhance healing states of consciousness, and learning steps to take to improve intuition, cultivate a relationship to spirit within and without you, and developing greater self-healing capabilities. If you are a person wanting to read more about these very real abilities that anyone can cultivate, see my resource list.

I offer mentoring, in 4, 6, or 8 session formats. I work with you to set goals. Mentoring includes instruction, home practice, empowering your confidence, and processing your practice experiences. 

There are some requirements to embark on mentoring sessions, something we can discuss prior to our first meeting. If you are interested in mentoring, contact me.