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Consciousness Resources

This is by no means exhaustive. There are a plethora of resources on consciousness studies:


Jeanne Achterberg, Imagery in Healing, Rituals of Healing, Lighting at the Gate and more.

William Buhlman, The Secret of the Soul, Adventures Out of the Body, and more.


Ulisse di Corpo, Syntropy: The Spirit of Love

Larry Dossey, One MindReinventing Medicine, Healing Words and more

Shamini Jain, Healing Ourselves

Menas Kafatos, You Are the Universe, The Non-Local Universe, and more

Dennis Klass, Continuing Bonds: New Understandings of Grief

Ervin Laszlo, Dawn of an Era of Wellbeing, The Immortal Mind, and more


Joe McMoneagle, Mind TrekRemote Viewing Secrets, Memoir of a Psychic Spy and more

Mark Mincolla, The Way of Miracles

Robert Monroe, Journeys Out of the Body, Ultimate Journey, and more. 

Nancy Orlen Weber, All Nature Speaks, The Life of a Psychic Detective.

Dean Radin, Supernormal, Real Magic, The Conscious Universe, and more.

Norman Shealy, Medical IntuitionBlueprint for Holistic Healing, and more.

Russell Targ, Limitless Mind, Mind Reach, Miracles of Mind, and many more.

Various reputable people and organizations offer training and research:

The California Institute for Human Science:


The Center for Reiki Research:

The Institute of Noetic Sciences:

The Division of Perceptual Studies at the University of Virginia:

The Monroe Institute:

The Rhine Research Center of Duke University:

The International Association for Near-Death Studies:

The International Remote Viewing Association:

Pam Coronado, intuitive investigator:

Dr. Shamini Jain, energy healing researcher:

Dr. Dean Radin, parapsychology researcher:


FAQ about Consciousness Healing Services

Intuitive healing sessions, energy healing sessions, consciousness healing practices and mentoring, are not a substitute for medical or psychological (psychotherapy and medication) treatment. These services are not considered psychotherapy, nor are they provided under my license as a psychologist. These services are offered to enhance well being and are not offered to diagnose or treat a medical or mental health condition in and of itself though they may be used as an adjunct. These sessions are not covered under any insurance. These services are fee-based on a per-hour scale.

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