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FAQs & Disclaimers

  • I offer three broad services: intuitive health coaching, consultation, psychotherapy. EMDR and biofeedback may be used as part of psychotherapy, coaching, or consultation. Coaching clients and psychotherapy clients are mutually exclusive to keep the working relationship clear.  In other words, I do not practice psychotherapy with coaching clients. Occasionally consultation clients may become psychotherapy or coaching clients. 
  • Coaching services are NOT reimbursed by any insurance.
  • I do not accept insurance for psychotherapy, however, frequently people do have insurance plans that will reimburse in part or whole of the fees you pay me. I encourage you to find out if this is the case for you. I can provide proof of paid invoices for this purpose.
  • Sessions, regardless if coaching, psychotherapy, or consultation is a standard fee ranging from $225 (minimum) - 300 (maximum) for 50 minutes. We discuss the fee. Sessions are pro-rated after 50 minutes. Usually EMDR sessions and biofeedback sessions are minimally 60 minutes, and frequently 75 minutes. We discuss and agree upon the length of sessions before starting.
  • Psychotherapists (psychologists being one form of psychotherapist, the licensure which I have) are licensed by state. I am licensed to practice psychotherapy in the state of California (PSY 24493) -- regardless of whether this is online or in person. This means I only provide psychotherapy to clients who are residents of California.
  • Coaching and consultation are distinct from psychotherapy, and can be provided in person or online anywhere.
  • Coaching and psychotherapy are very different services. I have different consent forms for each. We will discuss the differences, especially when you are a coaching client, so that the parameters of our work are clear.  Consultations are typically done with other mental health professionals. Consultations are also provided to clients in other professions (i.e. law, business, education) needing a psychological perspective.
  • There is plentiful scientific research and clinical reading available on all approaches I use in healing practice. I am happy to share these resources with you if you are interested. My practice is holistic and I use a combination of traditional and innovative approaches from energy psychology and healing.
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