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Intuitive Health Coaching

Coaching for Expansion of Consciousness & Intuitive Wellness

People see me for coaching to empower themselves toward greater health in mind, body, and spirit. Coaching is not psychotherapy, and I do not mix my coaching and psychotherapy practices. If you are a client through coaching, you are not a psychotherapy client of mine as well -- and vice versa.

We collaborate on goals, then discuss what practices may be useful for you. Among the offerings may include intuitive health readings, learning practices to tap into your internal wisdom, the Bengston Energy Healing Method®, Reikipain management practices, and learning ways to expand your consciousness naturally without drugs, completely under your own control (such as using self-hypnosis, certain forms of meditation, and Monroe Sound Science). All of these practices and more have the basic intention of empowering you, of expanding your learning and your abilities, as well as supporting your wellbeing.

People choose coaching from me because they want a focused, active, and usually short-term commitment or intermittent sessions (versus weekly) to support their wellness. I use all of my knowledge of human development, behavior, family systems, and psychophysiology (mind-body) relationship to assist you. 

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